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I am heavily selective about the TV shows that my kindergartner and first grader watch and rely on recommendations from places like TeachMama and Common Sense Media. It was my friend Vickie, of the blog La Vida Cochinillo who many years ago was talking about this “Super Why” show that first turned me on to it. Then, another blogger, Jean from Stimeyland credited it with teaching her son Jack how to read. I made a mental note, thinking that I should check it out. I eventually got around to adding some SuperWhy videos to my girls wishlists and recording some shows on the DVR. They’ve watched it on and off through the past couple years, and although my girls go in phases with tv shows, Ramona (at age 5 and three-quarters) is still a fan of SuperWhy and it’s apps for our family iPad.

Next week, SuperWhy is jumping off the tv screen and coming to a theater near us as SuperWhy Live ! I love having a reason to head to my old stomping grounds in downtown Washington, DC and a special outing for Ramona and me is a great reason to head to the Warner Theater. The Warner Theater was originally built as a fancy 1920s movie palace and I love how it’s opulence really makes a special event feel grand. We’ll park at our local metro station in Gorgeous Prince George’s County and take the Metro down to Metro Center, making sure to have enough money on our farecards for the return trip so we don’t have to wait in line at Metro Center. The Warner Theater is on 13th Street between E St. and F St., so there are a couple different exits we can take. As always, we have to do a little prep work before a show – we’ll discuss theater manners, watch videos of the show on their YouTube channel and we’ll bring our earplugs just in case it is a little too loud for my sound-sensitive kid.

It sounds like it will be a great show based on this description from their website: “Super WHY Live dimensionalizes this “edu-tainment” experience for Super WHY fans in a new way. To top that off, Jack Antonoff of the Grammy-nominated band “fun.” wrote and produced the live show’s soundtrack. ” is giving away a 4 pack of tickets to see SuperWhy Live at the Warner Theatre on Wednesday, May 1st for either the 3 PM or the 6 PM show.  To enter, please leave a comment below!