My kids are ridiculously lucky when it comes to entertainment. It’s not that we’re one-percenters who can afford to hire popstars and professional athletes to do meet-and-greets at their birthday parties, but thanks to my job as a movie critic, I have an impressive DVD collection. But just because we get movies for free doesn’t mean my children love every movie. I’ve taught them better than that, and they know that some family movies are excellent while others belong, in a giveaway pile for their school fundraisers. I’ve asked my three young cineastes what their favorite DVDs du jour are, and here are their responses (mostly verbatim):

New kids movies on DVD
“Frankenweenie”:  “I like the movie, because it was kind of science-oriented in a really funny way. It was cool to see a movie about Dr. Frankenstein as a boy, and to find out that his first ‘monster’ was actually his dog. I really liked how each of the kids who find out about his creation end up making their own pet monsters too. They’re each really funny and scary at the same time. Also, Victoria [my 17-year-old cousin] explained why Tim Burton is a genius. I think so too.” –E, age 10 (he turns 11 next week, ack!)

“Madly Madagascar”: “It was funny, because King Julian makes the animals think a perfume that falls from the sky is a love a potion. Then all the animals, like Marty and Skipper, want to have it so they can fall in love. One of the funniest parts is when Alex puts a potion that King Julian made, but it wasn’t a potion — it was just stinky!” — D, age 8

“The Lorax”: “I like when the Lorax, the fish, the bear, and the bird play a card game. It was funny. Dr. Seuss makes you think about things. I like the Gruffalo trees.” –“Baby” J, age 4


I  received complimentary review copies of the DVDs, but but as a career-long entertainment writer, free movies never influence my (or my children’s opinions). Sandie blogs about Young Adult literature at Teen Lit Rocks and reviews movies and books at Common Sense Media.