I moved to DC thinking I’d be here for a year or two.

That was in 1993.

Living in the capital attracts a LOT of tourists, and sometimes for a local it can make visiting the “sights” about as attractive as power-washing the driveway.  The crowds, the traffic, the parking, the crowds…

But there are quiet spots.  One of my favorites is Arlington National Cemetery.

Do you have any idea how big it is?  (624 acres by the way.)

There are quiet places to stroll through the gravestones.  The cemetery was established during the Civil War and you can take in an incredible amount of history of our country by walking through and reading the stones.  It isn’t only men you’ll find buried there.  Women and children are there as well.



The official website of the cemetery contains the information about hours and rules, but the Wikipedia entry provides a much better history of the land it sits on who is buried there.  Honestly, it’s amazing to think about all of that land so close to the river as one estate.




A lunch time walk during the week is a great time to go–if you can swing it.  And parking?  Here’s a hint:  you can park for free along the outside wall by the Netherlands Carillon and walk right into a part of the cemetery not often frequented by tourists, but filled with some of the oldest graves.    While you’re there, your parking spot is perfect to take in the Iwo Jima memorial too.






Photos by Amie Adams

 Amie Adams is a Washington, DC portrait photographer, political consultant and mom to three crazy, baseball playing boys.  When she isn’t trapped in the little league concession stand or spending time being appalled by the grammar contained in her teenager’s texts, she is found blogging on her personal blog MammaLoves…