Bradley Cooper, Patrick Dempsey, even Javier Bardem–all dreamy each and every one of them, but my current celebrity crush?

Allow me to introduce you to Adam Richman.

Adam Richman

Who the hell is Adam Richman you ask?

Why he’s the host of Man v. Food Nation on the Travel Channel–a big favorite among the boys in my household.  Under the age-old rule of “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” I too developed the little flutter of “oh yay Adam is on!”

He’s adorable and funny plus… he knows all the best places to eat in the US! (I’d love to get into a “discussion” about New Orleans cuisine.)

When I was obsessively stalking him online reading a little more about him, I discovered he has kept a food journal since college documenting great restaurants AND he has a Master’s from Yale.

Need I say more?

When not fantasizing about a dinner filled with laugh-snorting over an amazing jambalaya with Adam Richman, Amie Adams takes lots of photographs and writes on her personal blog MammaLoves…