Last summer the book I could not stop reading was “One Day” by David Nicholls.  I literally read it in one day.  I read it on vacation on my iPad and iPhone, everywhere we went for a whole day.  And shushed anyone who talked to me.  It was my favorite book that I read in a long, long time.

“One Day” is about a male and a female college classmate and follows them through 20 years of their life.  It is written from each of their perspectives, from “one day” of their life.  In letter form.  To each other.

How this is going to translate into a movie I’m not so sure.  The thing that made the book so different was the letters, in each of the characters’ voices, and I’m worried the unique voices are going to get lost when the story is made into a movie.

The casting is interesting also.  It is a British story, and they cast Anne Hathaway as the female lead.  Not British.  Also, an essential part of the story was that the female main character was not beautiful.  Anne Hathaway is certainly beautiful.  And it is a coming-of-age story.  They will have to age her, quite significantly, if they are going to tell the whole story.

The male lead is being played by some British guy I have never heard of.  It should be Hugh Grant.  He would be perfect.  But he is too old.

While everyone is waiting for the latest “Harry Potter” or the next popcorn movie, I can’t stop wishing for my favorite characters from last summer to come to life.  But I’m worried I’ll hate it.  And then I’ll complain loudly that everyone should just read the book.  Maybe I’ll read it again.

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