backyardThis post is sponsored by Mosquito Squad.

During this crazy, crazy time (my husband has started calling it “The Interregnum”), one of my fears involves the near future. What will our summer be like? Will we still be limited to our homes in two months? Right now, it’s springtime, one of the few really enjoyable times to be outdoors in our area, and it’s encouraged me to take socially distant walks through my neighborhood in the morning and to enjoy my backyard in the afternoons with my family.

But we also know that every year, Covid19 or not, summer arrives — along with humidity and mosquitoes. Even if businesses reopen later this spring, for the health and safety of my family, we’re still going to be going out to restaurants and movie theaters a lot less frequently. That means as summer approaches, we expect to continue using our backyard a lot more.

That’s why we’re so glad to have Mosquito Squad of Greater D.C. working to protect us. As long as the Coronavirus threatens us, our backyard needs to remain a sanctuary. And Mosquito Squad will keep that sanctuary open and usable, free from annoying bugs and their painful bites. With so much of the world already closed to us for the near future, Mosquito Squad will keep our backyard open to us. Thanks to Mosquito Squad’s outdoor pest control measures, we look forward to long, comfortable evenings in our backyard, a sanctuary in this crazy crazy world.