Swim meet at pool

This post is sponsored by Mosquito Squad.

There’s only one place we spend more time than our house in the summer — our summer pool. We love our summer pool club, and during the six weeks of swim team season, we’re there literally multiple times a day, every weekday. The only downside to the pool is that with all the beautiful trees and grass surrounding it, we get A LOT of mosquitoes, so many that several years ago I had to basically dip myself in insect repellent to hang out there.

But a few years ago we started working with Mosquito Squad and the difference has been remarkable. Of course, there are still mosquitoes here and there (usually right before the next treatment), but I don’t find myself reaching for the insect repellent nearly as often as I did before the pool (of which I’m a board member) started using Mosquito Squad for summer treatments. That means not only can we comfortably sit in our backyard but can also count on not being terrorized by mosquitoes when we’re at the pool hours and hours every day.

Son at swim meet

The pool has given our family so much to love over the years. Growing up in Miami where every other person had an in-ground pool in their backyard, I initially thought the idea of belonging to a pool club seemed unnecessary and, even worse, elitist (and I still feel that way about certain address-restricted pools, but that’s a whole other issue). But when I realized that many pools are relatively affordable (some much more than others) and welcome anyone who applies (eventually), we decided to give it a try.

So for the past six years we’ve been lucky enough to call a pool our summer home, and the team where our kids spend hours practicing, cheering, and racing all summer. What a waste of money it would’ve been if we were kept away from the pool because of my sensitivity to bug bites. I’m so thankful that our pool uses Mosquito Squad for mosquito abatement, and that the company has been so flexible in meeting our needs season after season.

If you want to explore having Mosquito Squad treat your home (or your pool, if you’re in a position to explore that option) contact Mosquito Squad for a treatment or consultation.