Your days are filled with caring for others, often from morning until night. At some point in a typical day, you find the time to take care of your basic needs, but you may see things beyond that as pampering, or something ‘extra’ that just doesn’t fit into the schedule. What if you changed your perspective? What if you considered a little pampering an actual part of those basic wellness needs?


This concept is at the heart of the Massage Envy mission– “Total Body Care” that includes such experiences as massages and facials as a regular part of your self-care routine. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Disclosure time. I recently received a complimentary 1-hour massage and 1-hour facial at my local Massage Envy location in exchange for posting about my experience. You’ll have to take me at my word when I say that I’m a straight shooter, and any opinion that I give about my experience is just that– totally my opinion.

I made an appointment that just so happened to coincide with the day before my big 40th birthday, figuring I’d be in the spirit for a little pampering. While I’d had a few massages in my life, I’d only had one previous facial, and it had been at least a decade since that experience, which wasn’t terribly relaxing or calming, from what I remember. (Can you say extractions?) My only goals going in were to get a feel for the Massage Envy experience and to find a way to relax. Goals met, and then some.

Massage Envy, College Park, MD location *** photo: Dawn Mooney

Massage Envy, College Park, MD location | photo credit: Dawn Mooney

Upon my arrival at the Massage Envy in College Park, MD, I was immediately greeted by a member of the front desk staff with a smile and a “what can I do to help you be comfortable?” attitude. I was offered complimentary snacks and beverage from a beautiful display in the front lobby, and along with a clipboard and my paperwork to complete, I was also given a warm wrap for my neck and invited into the “Tranquility Room” until my massage therapist was ready for me.

Tranquility Room and complimentary snacks *** photos: Dawn Mooney

Tranquility Room and complimentary snacks | photo credits: Dawn Mooney, Lakeisha Roberts

Though small in size, the Tranquility Room featured cushy seats, dim lighting, and the fire and screen shown in the photo above, all helping as a transitional space from the front lobby with large windows looking out to the parking lot to the individual rooms where customers receive their treatments. On the day I went, there was quite a crowd of customers (both male and female), so it felt slightly cramped, but the staff worked hard to give each person individualized attention as they checked in or out.

After only about three minutes, my massage therapist called my name and escorted me back to a room where I was going to receive both a massage and a facial, which was convenient in that I didn’t need to leave the comfortable table and switch spaces in between services. I was asked about my preferences in background sound/music and heat level on the table, and I was encouraged to undress to my own personal comfort level for the massage. My therapist, Rose, was extremely professional as she introduced herself and asked about the areas on which I’d prefer her to concentrate during the massage. Because I had gotten a tattoo on my upper back area just about a week before my massage, I asked her to avoid that area (as much as it killed me to say, “please don’t massage between my shoulder blades!”), and she worked to get at as much of my shoulder area without rubbing directly on my healing tattoo.

I appreciated that my massage therapist shared information with me that was relevant to the areas she was massaging in an effort to educate me on my own wellness. It was established early on in the massage that I was comfortable chatting with her during the session, though it would have been totally fine if I wanted silence instead. We talked about different stretches I could do to help with areas that regularly give me pain or discomfort. She gave me really useful information about what she believed could be causing me to have fairly frequent headaches, along with some suggestions for how to address the pain on my own when it happens.

My esthetician, Phyllis, also gave me some information about each aspect of the one-hour facial as it was going along, and she helped me to better understand my skin care needs. She didn’t even laugh when I told her about my current, not-terribly-adult-like skin care ‘regimen’. Massage Envy uses the Murad line of high performance clinical skincare products, and between my own self-reporting and her observations of my skin, we decided upon the Sensitive Skin line for my facial. Relaxation was key here, again, as Phyllis gently completed each step of the service complemented by additional upper body massage. I was so pleased with the appearance of my skin afterward that I even purchased key items from the Murad system for use at home! (And how happy was I when I was told I wouldn’t need any extractions?!)

Staff at the College Park Massage Envy * photo:

Staff at the College Park Massage Envy | photo credit: Lakeisha Roberts

In the end, I was quite pleased with my experiences at Massage Envy, from the friendly, helpful, and individualized customer service at the front desk to the stellar massage and facial services I received at the hands of professionals. While anyone can make an appointment for a massage or facial, Massage Envy memberships are also available to help support customers in keeping up with their personal wellness plans. With numerous locations in the Maryland, DC, Virginia area, you’re likely to find a Massage Envy spa not too far from you. New customers can receive special pricing on an introductory massage or facial session. I’d highly recommend going for a little guilt-free “me time” since you’ll be addressing your personal health and wellness, which is always a good thing!


I wasn’t the only DC Mom who received complimentary services at a DC area Massage Envy spa. Here’s what some of our other contributors have to say, with links to additional blog posts about their experiences:

Elaine, of Connor and Helen Grow Up“The Clarendon Massage Envy is a beautiful spa, located very close to the metro. I had a massage at the last time spot of the day, and my massage was a wonderfully relaxing way to end the day (not at all rushed, despite the late hour). I was recovering from running a marathon – and it was a much needed, healing boost. My massage therapist was completely professional, concentrated on exactly the areas I asked him to concentrate on, and definitely made me feel at ease.”

Allison, of Home and Never Alone“When the opportunity to try a service at Massage Envy came my way, I was excited to give it a try – especially after I learned that Massage Envy offers facials in addition to massages. There is no multitasking during a facial: you lie quietly under a cozy blanket while your esthetician works their magic.

While she worked, Su not only explained what she was doing each step of the way but also touted the virtues of facials and self-care in general. When you take time to care for yourself, she said, you take a more positive attitude back to your family and your work, and it makes you do better for everyone around you. I loved that, and it was a wonderful message during a relaxing treatment.”

Jessica Claire Haney of Crunchy-Chewy Mama and writes about having chemical sensitivities and her gratitude to find the Potomac Yard Massage Envy location super accommodating, and fragrance-free! Her massage was the perfect follow-up to spending an entire day on a 4th grade field trip to theJamestown settlement.

Leticia, of Tech Savvy Mama: “Inside the Beltway residents of Montgomery County in search of some zen need only look around the corner from the Apple Store, North Face, Georgetown Cupcake, and other retailers and restaurants along Bethesda Row to find tranquility at Massage Envy. As you open the doors, a receptionist greets you warmly by name because she’s been expecting you. As you sign in and are ushered to to the relaxation area, it seems like the hustle and bustle from the outside world comes to a screeching halt. You might notice your breathing getting just a bit slower and deeper as you settle into a comfortable chair, sip on a little water with lemon, and soak in your surroundings. I just had a minute to sit before I was greeted by Calvin, my massage therapist, who walked me to my room for my 60 minute massage with deep muscle therapy, focusing on relieving tension in my neck and back. The massage room itself is nothing to gush over but a good massage therapist who can relieve tension and stress is priceless. In an hour I left feeling completely rejuvenated and was appreciative of the extra attention paid to my neck and back thanks to the deep muscle therapy addition.

Massage Envy’s nationwide locations makes for a great gift for momsteachers and other friends and loved ones who could benefit from the rejuvenating effects of a massage or facial. After all, it’s time to stop thinking about taking care of ourselves as a luxury but rather an important ritual in taking care of our personal health and wellness.

Massage Envy provided DC Moms contributors with a treatment to facilitate this review of their locations.