IMG_4966Years ago, I used to meet friends at the National Building Museum. We would watch our babies hang around on the large carpeted area – first sitting in a circle, and eventually graduating to needing sentry services to keep them off the stairs. But it’s only recently that my family has discovered the amazing programming available at the museum. A few weeks ago, my 8 year old attended a program on Model Airplane Building. It might be my new favorite place in DC.

The National Building Museum schedules programs for families regularly. Often, they are very appealing. So appealing, in fact, that I’ve been discouraged from going lately because the crowds can get to be quite large. But often, before the museum officially opens, there are opportunities to pay a small fee and attend a similar program – but with a limited audience. The program my son attended resulted in a wooden airplane powered by twisting a rubber band. It easily flies 50 feet, when properly wound. Apparently, there’s a motorized crank available that can wind the rubber band tight enough the plane will fly 400 feet.

Besides weekend programming for school-aged children, there are special programs for home school students, boy scouts, teens, and even adults.

This summer, you can attend a program on July 19 where you will make a maze with your child. There are also BBQs on the lawn Thursday – Saturday evenings until the end of August. Head on down! You might fall in love with the place.

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