ipodsI am not a crafty mom. I don’t sew, knit, or enjoy operating a hot glue gun. I’m never the one with the handmade anything. Except Valentines. I’m not sure why, but every year, I pack an entire year’s worth of creative bliss into one excruciating all-nighter on February 13th.

The internet was the obvious source of my inspiration.

Some of my favorites that we’ve made over the years were the iPods shown above. These don’t even look like a modern iPod anymore, but they were cutting edge on the Valentine scene back in the day. They were also very labor intensive. And the earbuds all wanted to tangle up together. (I learned the hard way that you need a circle punch to cut out that round thing and individual cello bags to keep the earbuds away from each other.)

We’ve also made cellphones, fortune cookies (really cute and easy peasy), You’re all Write pencil Valentines, You Rule ruler Valentines, I Like How You Roll Valentines (using Smarties instead of Rolos), and I’m Beary Happy You’re my Friend gummy bear Valentines.

This year though, I think I’m done. I’m short on inspiration, time and energy. Now I’m looking to another source of internet inspiration .. Etsy. This year, I may just let someone else do the crafting for me.