Last Monday, a new season of Brain Games began on the National Geographic channel. Viewers have a lot to look forward to this season – particularly those in their upper teens and beyond. This fun and creative show seeks to reveal how our brains work, and in the process, folks can learn some fun tricks. The show airs Mondays at 9:00 ET or 9:30 PT.

brain_1 Saturday afternoon I had the opportunity to test a few of the tricks that will be featured on Brain Games at a free event in Tysons Corner Center. One of them revealed the mystery behind some levitating buskers my family had stared at last Summer in London! My daughter was proud to try her own hand at levitating, and I was just glad she didn’t really get carried away!

My son has his sights on the show because he’s an aspiring magician. I’m excited because it’s television I can watch that likely won’t make me any dumber! (A low bar, for sure, but one I like my television programming to achieve.)

Next week’s episode features the science behind trust. I’m guessing I’ll land in the column of people who trust others too easily. But maybe I’ll be a little more skeptical after I see the show!


Elaine spends most of her free time training to run a half marathon so she can be better suited to chasing her children, who seem to be getting faster daily! She writes about this at Connor and Helen Grow Up!