Mezeh mediterranean grill

I don’t know about you, but whenever I end up starving in the food court of a mall, I usually survey my surroundings dejectedly, thinking, “Ugh, nope, gross, greasy, sigh, blah…” before ending up with a burger or a slice of greasy pizza or something that keeps my kids happy but is neither healthy nor appetizing to me.

(Yes, my children clamor for chocolate milk and french fries whenever we eat out, or in a food court, which also counts as “out.” And often I give in, because I prefer them to have some food to no food. I know, I fail parenting.)

However, if you’ve been in the Annapolis mall lately, you may have noticed a great new addition to the usual food-court suspects: a place called Mezeh. It’s a middle-eastern riff on Chipotle, with the same simple formula of Vehicle (pita, wrap, plate (with rice) or salad (with greens)) + Protein (beef or chicken shwarma, falafel, roasted vegetables, or kefta kabob) + Sides (three of a selection of hummuses, baba ganoush, different delicious salads) + sauce + toppings. You can enjoy running the gamut of all the possible permutations and combinations, or you can get a falafel pita with hummus and tabouli and tzatziki every time, like I do.

It’s healthy and delicious, the service is great, and this is one food-court choice that doesn’t leave you making amends for the rest of the day. They’re opening a second one in the mall at Wheaton soon, and I certainly hope it won’t be the last. In the meantime, if you want to meet me at the mall, I vote we go to Annapolis.

The Mezeh website is under construction, but you can download the whole menu here, if you want to take a closer look. And you can follow them on Twitter @MezehGrill.

Christine has just baked a peach and strawberry cobbler. You can read her blog at Awfully Chipper. She paid in full for her falafel pita from Mezeh (both times).