Summer is officially here and there is lots of color everywhere!  Vibrant coral lips vie for attention with hot pink pouts while neon colors come at you from every direction in the form of shorts, sandals, bags and all manner of accessories.  This is one crazy, colored summer.  Nail polish is no exception either.  Gone are the muted, neutral shades we saw a lot of last year and even this spring.  Right now it is all about blazing hues and some stunning collections from nail brand faves and a few you might not know about.  Let’s get started.

1.  Priti NYC ‘Bahamas’ Collection is comprised of four soft shades like Thistle, a milky green or pale baby blue just like the sea.  A pretty peach joins the crew and is rounded out by Hedge Hog Rose, a medium rosy pink.  Priti NYC nail polish is always green, 4-Free and available at Anthropologie.


2.  Essie a tried and true favorite always has something gorgeous up her sleeve. This summer the colors are themed “naughty and nautical”.  Not as bright as the other summer neon collection the basics are all present and accounted for in this set.  There is a playful pink aptly named ‘the girls are out’, a light orange ‘sunday funday’ that is perfect for brunch and a creamy teal called ‘naughty nautical’.  A soft ocean spray blue and a light misty green complete the collection. Essie is available at Ulta, Target and nail salons all over.

3.  Zoya adds a much needed dose of shimmer and high-grade shine to their sunny summer set.  Full of intense reds, yellows and glowing pinks there is even a zing of silver and cool blue and green added in.  The colors feel irresistibly sunny and have a feel goodness about them that makes you just want to swipe them on your fingertips and toes.  Creamy, shimmery and sparkling colors are available in every shade too.  Zoya nail lacquer is available at nail salons and Ulta stores all over the area.

Summer Nail Trends

Go on! Pick your favorite color and experiment with one of these fabulous colors!  It’s what summer is all about!


Vicky, blogs about fashion, beauty and healthy living at The Mummy Chronicles.  She lives in the DC Metro area and tries to buy only the “most necessary” nail colors each season.