Neti Pot

My husband introduced me to the Neti Pot a few years ago, and I have become a believer! If I know you fairly well and notice that you have a cold, chances are pretty good that I’ll recommend you try it, too. I’ll admit, the concept and actual use are Gross. With a capital G. You use a plastic pot that resembles Aladdin’s Lamp to pour saline water through one nostril. As it comes out the other the other nostril, it brings with it all kinds of goopy boogers. Yuck!

But the beauty of the Neti Pot, and the reason I’m a firm believer, is that you are then completely cleared out and suddenly…You can breathe! Through your nose! It’s a wonderful feeling if you’ve been stuffed up, congested and/or suffering from sinus pain.

Hopefully cold and flu season are coming to an end, but allergy season is right around the corner. If you’re suffering, why not give a Neti Pot a shot?

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