DC Moms at Mellow MushroomI was first introduced to Mellow Mushroom in Athens, Georgia, circa 1998, when I began graduate school at The University of Georgia. What better way to cope with the hundreds of pages of weekly academic reading and multiple papers due on the same day than drowning my anxiety in pizza and beer? When I graduated in 2000, I bid farewell to this favorite restaurant, having never seen one outside the Southeast, and moved far, far away to DC, with nary a Mellow Mushroom in sight.

Fast forward to this past Monday evening. Imagine my delight at the opportunity to join the DC Moms at Mellow Mushroom in DC’s Adams Morgan neighborhood to learn about the restaurant’s family friendly initiatives, as well as eat, drink, and socialize. The pizza was just as tasty as I remembered, especially the Kosmic Karma, Mighty Meaty, and Holy Shitake Pie. The feta cheese added a new twist to bruschetta and truly made my night. The drinks were cold and plentiful. And the company? Well, gather together 12 moms who all have a pass on bedtime duty and the giddiness is contagious.

Mellow Mushroom has grown with me through different stages of life. For me, reading textbooks and writing academic papers have been replaced by caring for a temperamental toddler but one thing hasn’t changed: a fun evening out can improve your whole week. And now, Mellow Mushroom is starting Tyke Time, a family friendly happy hour every Friday evening complete with face painting and corn hole games for young and old, and drink specials for the adults. Check out the kick off party for this new initiative on Friday, April 5th, from 4PM – 6:30 PM. The Adams Morgan Mellow Mushroom is located at 2436 18th St. NW, Washington, DC 20009.

My 18-month-old may actually like corn hole, if allowed to play by his rules.

When she’s not skipping out on bedtime duty to reacquaint herself with former restaurant loves, Rebecca writes about reading, cooking, and life at home with an 18-month-old at Dr. Blondie.

Photo credit: Rebecca Thomas