You can’t open up a fashion magazine, browse a blog or clothing website without noticing one big trend. Pastels.  From pretty pink pants to pale peach sweaters and light-hued tanks, pastels are everywhere.  They seem perfect for spring and summer but sometimes I find them unbelievably hard to wear.  You don’t want to look too cute or washed out. So, what is the best way to wear pastels?

The answer is often by pairing them all together.  Combine a pair of white pants with a soft lilac blouse and add a pair of nude heels and a white bag and you have a sweet look.  Throw a light pink or orange sorbet colored cardigan over the top of that blouse and it looks like you just walked off the runway. Philip Lim 3.1 and Ralph Lauren both exceled at this look this year. The idea of grouping pastels together goes against how we often pair these colors in years past, but it works.  A white skirt with a light yellow button-down shirt looks just fine.  Add a toned down aqua or pale mint green jacket or sweater over top of it and it becomes a more luxurious, on-trend ensemble.

Want to be more cutting edge with those child-like colors?  Then pair those same pastels with something rougher and tougher like a motorcycle jacket or pair of black studded boots.  The addition of a pair of pastel Fantas-eyes sunglasses will kick it up another fashion notch.  Adding these darker, heavier pieces can also give more play to some of the clothes in your closet you still have from the colder months.  Why put them all into storage when you can use them for a few more months with pastels?

Finally, the last way I have found to jazz up pastels and create a more fashion forward look is to go futuristic.  I’m not talking bubble helmets but metallics.  A silver clutch or gold envelope style bag can add a lot to a pastel heavy look.  H&M has some great options for under $25 too.  Accessories are one of the best ways to stay in the fashion know without spending a lot of money so pick up a pair of acid green shades or earrings.  Find a pair of lime heels and match them with a pair of grey pants.  Pastels aren’t just for kids when you know how to wear them. Go forth, have fun and brighten your day.


Victoria Mason, blogs about fashion, beauty and parenting at The Mummy Chronicles and Mummy’s Product Reviews.