When it comes to fashion, I like to stick to the basics. I own some classic peices and then incoporate a few trendy pieces that work well for me and build on the basics with “it” colors, pieces of jewlery, pairs of shoes or handbags that are more in the moment.  I don’t like to spend a ton of cash on them either.  After all, they may only make it a season or two.  I’ve included some of my favorites for this spring.

Every year there is a color that makes a splash in the fashion world. This year it is yellow.  You will see it accented every where as well as in many basic clothing items.  JCPenney has pairs of yellow jeans for $20 that if you are feeling bold enough to wear you won’t mind passing on by next season.  Personally, I like a fun purse to accent my look and add a pop of color.  A simple clutch, messenger bag, tote or shoulder bag in lemon yellow is perfect for this time of year. If yellow is not your ideal then go for one of the other saturated sorbets in pink, aqua and orange that are hot right now.

Red and Orange coral jewelery is another big trend happening right now.  It looks great with greys, navy, the neutral colors of khaki, beige and even black and white.  Pick up a pair of earrings, an oversized ring or a chunky necklace and you can wear it with a simple jeans look or that LBD.  Personally, I’m in love with it for punching up all the neutral tones we are seeing this season. Places like Etsy, Amazon, Sears, Target and Charming Charlies are great for finding interesting but inexpensive coral bracelets, cocktail rings and more.

There are many ways to incorporate the latest in spring/summer 2012 accessories into your every day life.  The simple addition of a white clutch or shoulder bag or lady like pump particularly with a lace effect covering it will add style.  Finding your tribe with tribal jewelery or stacking many chunky, plastic bracelets in the same color will also do the trick.  The point is to have fun, add to your basics and not spend a lot while doing it.  It’s easier than you think and you just have to start looking. You will see deals and these trends everywhere!