Originally posted at Teach Mama:

We are rallying to show support for our sweet friend Susan, @whymommy, and we’re calling out the big guns. Because Susan’s complete and utter awesomeness has reached sooo far across cyberspace and beyond, Susan’s buddies from The DC Moms would like to extend an invitation to anyone and everyone who has been touched by our pal to contribute to a ‘@whymommy love fest’.

Here’s the skinny: @whymommy love fest: We’re making THE most incredible digital card that has ever been made to show Susan just HOW much she is loved.

We want her to know that she rocks (because she totally does).

We want her to know that she is loved (because she totally is).

We want her to know that she has made a difference in more people’s lives than she will ever know (because she has).

We want her to know that she is an incredible mother, friend, scientist, writer, blogger, daughter, sister–you name it (because she is all of that and more). We want her to feel our collective strength standing behind her (because that’s where we are!).

We want her to know that she is not alone (because we are all right her with her).

So, if you would like to contribute to our @whymommy love fest, please consider doing any of the following:

  • send any medium-sized photo(s) you want;
  • send along a caption, a signature [xoxo amy] OR [praying for you, my friend! love, Maddy] OR a Bible verse, saying, few lines of a poem, whatevah!! Something we can add in 1-2 slides on iMovie;
  • send a picture of YOU holding a sign with your favorite word to describe Susan (inspiration, courage, strength, etc.);
  • send any voice-overs or songs or anything you want included!

Send your contributions to dcmomlove@gmail.com by the end of the day tomorrow, Tuesday 1/24/12. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And even if contributing to this kind of thing is not your cup of tea–which is totally cool–if you could lift our friend in prayer, she will feel it.