My eyes widened, my mouth let out an excited gasp as my heartbeat quickened. It was love at first sight.  I first laid eyes on her, I like to call it a her, her name is ‘Jane’ after all, when the character Claire Dunphy, played by Julie Bowen, slung her over her shoulder during an episode of “Modern Family”.

A slightly battered, decidedly elegant yet practical satchel by Roccatella.  It comes in black and grey but I have my heart set on the cognac.  Unfortunately, so did a lot of other women out there because my baby, my ‘Jane’ is sold out everywhere.  I can’t even find her on eBay. Sniff. I know cry me a river, right? It’s a purse.  What can I say, we all have our “thing” and this is mine.

I’ve always been more of a purse girl.  Having size 10 feet makes shoe shopping not so much fun.  The sight of a cute clutch, a vintage Coach bag or something handmade on Etsy, it doesn’t matter.  I buy bags from Target, Nordstrom, Neiman’s and thrift stores.  My love for the perfect bag for my mood or occasion knows no limit.  It is just a matter of that twitter-pated feeling when my brain starts to buzz that makes me know just one thing- “I want that purse!”

The Roccatella ‘Jane’ satchel is just one of the many satchel style bags that have become very big this year.  They are usually a nice medium-to-large size, wear well with many types of outfits and are good for work and casual times.  Nordstrom has a great selection of satchels but they can be found at TJ Maxx and Target too.  Find your true love today.