I’m a SAHM who had two kids in two years and nursed both for an actual eternity, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that I have never spent the night away from my children.  The only time I left Noah was for two nights to go to the hospital and give birth to Mallory.  All this means is that I haven’t slept ALONE or THROUGH THE NIGHT in about three and a half years.

I think I’m due, right!?

We were invited to a wedding in DC last weekend and the Saturday night reception was at The Four Seasons.  I think it’s an actual crime to pass up a group rate at this hotel so we jumped on it and decided to spend our first night away from the kids.

I was ecstatic!  At first.  I even thought about buying, GASP,  new lingerie?  I didn’t.  I daydreamed about the uninterrupted hot shower, breakfast in bed, time to lounge and read and the quiet.  Oh dear sweet lord, THE QUIET!

It should be said that my husband travels often for work and gets to sleep alone and through the night, often. Did I say that already, yeah … often.  At least once a week.

I do not.

I was excited for the wedding and the party but I was more excited for a hotel room alone!  A bed, that I only had to share with my husband! The ability to wake up on my own, NOT when someone else decided to cry at some unholy pre-daylight hour.

In the end it was all way too short.  I was so worried about the kids being without me for… 18 hours …that I couldn’t even eat during the cocktail hour.  (I know! ) Around 7:45pm I got a text saying the kids were asleep and everything at home was fine and I toasted to that and my night of amazing food, great people, dancing and, a lot of drinking began.

When the wedding ended at 11:30pm I couldn’t wait to get to my room to reap every last second of the luxurious bed and the quiet in which I could enjoy it.  Marc passed out in the first three minutes and I took a long hot bath in the over-sized tub and then crawled into bed and fell fast asleep.

It turns out that not sleeping through the night for over three years means that when you really want to, you can’t.  Urgh!  I woke up every few hours and remembered that I still had QUIET to enjoy.  So, I rolled over and savored the awesomeness a little longer.

I got out of bed at 9:10am.

It all ended way too fast.  We showered and walked a few blocks for a breakfast of coffee and eggs.  It was SO great to be in the city, as an adult, sans stroller, of course.  I’m so glad we did this and I just wish I hadn’t been so worried and waited so long for this.