I love a good rainstorm. I love watching the water flow, splashing in the puddles, looking for worms, and dancing.

My children love it too. We’ve been going on rain walks since they were wee ones who needed to shake free from the confines of indoor space. Last year, both my children attended a Waldorf school. Frequent were the days that I would drop my older one off on the playground in the rain where his class started, only to find myself tromping through it a few hours later with my daughter in our parent-child class. The first time my son ever heard of “indoor recess” was when he entered our neighborhood school.

Lately, it has been pouring. And that has meant lots of trips to one of my favorite DC places – the Children’s Rain Garden at Powhatan Springs Park. It must be one of Arlington’s bests kept secrets, because rare is the day when we find other children joining us with buckets and boots at the ready.

The park is tucked behind the skate park at 6020 Wilson Boulevard. It’s always open, but not nearly as much fun when it’s not raining. When the sprinkles start falling, grab your bucket and join us. We’d love the company!

Elaine enjoys weather of all sorts with her young children over at www.ConnorAndHelen.blogspot.com.