This Friday night I have a date with a man not my husband.

In fact, I am going to make my spouse watch our three children so I can be alone with this other dude for a full 118 minutes.

I am going to slip into something comfortable and hang out in the dark with my celeb crush Ryan Gosling when I see “Crazy, Stupid, Love” at the theater all by myself. Just me, Ryan and a pack of Red Vines as I watch this soulful, quirky actor embody his most mainstream hotmchotster romantic lead role since “The Notebook.”

  • Name: Ryan Thomas Gosling
  • Age: 30
  • Hometown: Oh, Canada! Ryan was born in London, Ontario. After years of homeschooling by his mom through elementary school and a couple years of high school drama, Ryan beat out 17,000 other teens to win a spot on star-factory “The New Mickey Mouse Club”. There he sang and danced along with fellow destined-for-famers Britney, Justin and Cristina. In fact, while in Florida filming the show he lived with Justin Timberlake’s family.
  • Marital Status: Single. He has famously dated co-stars Rachel McAdams and Sandra Bullock, and is rumored to have dated his character’s spouse in “Blue Valentine“, Michelle Williams, and recently-divorced Olivia Wilde.
  • You Know Him From: Other than that big ol’ romantic Alzheimer’s flick, he was lauded for playing a Jewish neo-Nazi in “The Believer”, nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for “Half Nelson“, and nominated for Golden Globes for “Lars and the Real Girl” and “Blue Valentine.” Since those passionate kisses on the beach wearing suspenders, his most commercial film and swoony role to-date is this summer’s rom/com “Crazy, Stupid, Love.”
  • I’m Not Alone: Check out the hilarious take on Ryan’s drooly visage in the “Hey Girl” photos dedicated to Ryan at F$%& Yeah, Ryan Gosling! (And check out how amused is Ryan with this website, too.) You will either die laughing or die of yearning for R.G.
  • Why Him:  There is just something irresistible about a guy so outside the usual Hollywood pretty boy b.s., who happens to look  like the prettiest of all the boys. I admire his incredible acting in mainly independent films. I adore his infrequent magazine interviews in which he discusses his off-the-wall, almost goth interests in magic, amusement parks, death, and music. Just have a listen to his band Dead Man’s Bones. You will not catch this guy shopping at Kitson, and it is easy to imagine that he has a tortured soul, just ripe for the healing. And then there’s the husky voice. The angelic face. And oh mercy, the bod (as Emma Stone’s character quips in the trailer below, Gosling does indeed walk around looking PhotoShopped).

Although Jessica imagines herself the girl Ryan is Hey-Girling, she is hopelessly devoted to her equally hot husband.  She writes the popular website for Washington, DC area families, A Parent in Silver Spring, and is a contributor to TLC’s Parentables and other publications. You can follow her on Twitter @jessicaAPISS and receive updates on the scoop for local kids’ activities and giveaways  at A Parent in Silver Spring’s Facebook page.

Photo credit: GQ