Welcome to the first of an ongoing series where we DC Moms pick a different celebrity we’re crushing on at the moment, or in some cases, forever, and pay him (or her, because we’ve all  had Girlcrushes) tribute. Without further ado, here’s our inaugural, and yes, slightly obscure pick.

Michael Fassbender

  • Name: Michael Fassbender
  • Age: 34
  • Hometown: He’s half-Irish, half-German (born in Germany, raised in Ireland), which is why he was equally at ease playing the German-speaking undercover British soldier in “Inglourious Basterds” as portraying the Irish political prisoner/martyr Bobby Sands in “Hunger.”
  • Marital Status: Single, but he’s dating Zoe Kravitz (yes, she’s 22, but it’s all good, because her 43-year-old mother Lisa Bonet is in a relationship with 32-year-old Jason “Conan the Barbarian” Momoa.)
  • You Know Him From: This year he’s played Magneto in “X-Men: First Class” and Mr. Rochester in “Jane Eyre.”
  • Why Him: He’s the entire package: Old Hollywood handsome with a heavy sprinkling of that broody, intellectual intensity that makes him irresistibly attractive. He seems like the kind of guy that could passionately quote e.e. cummings to you one moment and throw you against the wall for a devastatingly swoon-worthy kiss the next. I hope his Hollywood star will continue to rise, and that we’ll see him in all sorts of roles in the coming years. That would make me a very happy lady indeed.

Sandie has been crushing on celebrities since she was 8, when she had a thing for Treat Williams in the movie musical HAIR, which for the record, came out when she was three. She writes about entertainment all sorts of places, including NextMovie, Moviefone, and Common Sense Media. You can follow her on Twitter @urbanmama

Photo credit: 20th Century Fox