It’s almost fall and while many have their minds tuned to back to school supplies and clothes shopping, I am giddy with delight over the fat magazines that have been invading my mailbox. Oh, Elle, you beautiful glossy magazine with all your pretty pictures. Marie Claire, Vogue and Allure you have my heart, my darling, I love you, I do. You all tell me what gorgeous colors and styles are going to be “the thing” each year. Moreover, I fall for it each time. If you are like me then you might want a little tip on the best things this fall that are on-trend.

1. Purple in all its plum and eggplant glory is a big color again this year. It is amethyst, bruised, deep shades of the royal color that look good on everyone. I like to think it is the new black but that is hot this year too. You want to splurge on a pair of purple shoes or a handbag in a lovely shade of purple crocodile then now is the time. You can find purple in sweaters, pants, blouses and any manner of accessories so go for it.

2. That purple can be combined with the color green. Together they form a jewel-like quality that is divine. Alone think of green in shades of emerald, jade and forest. It shows up in wool, silk and leather. Necklaces, earrings or bracelets ringed in gold are a great way to display it too. A rich, leather bag in a deep green is sure to be a hit this season as well.

3. Each year the beauty industry convinces us that there is a must-have nail color. This year it is grey and smoky. Think Clutch by Essie, Smoke and Mirrors by Zoya and Grey Suede by Revlon. It is no longer greige we are looking at but a definite smoky grey polish with a bit of shine.

4. You may have noticed that there are tiny, cropped jackets everywhere you look these days. Yup, those are big right now. Some look like blazers from the 80s with their boxy cuts and big, gold buttons and others are a bit more conservative with accented trim. All are simple in style. If that is not for you then perhaps a vest is more your thing. In fabrics of tweed and hound’s-tooth, you cannot go wrong.

5. Here I go with color again.  It isn’t fall without pumpkins though and that color is going to be everywhere this year and I am not talking about Halloween.   Taking it a step further we head into the fire with intense reds too. From belts to bags, hats and sweaters there are floral print dresses in these bright, vivid, or burnt and burnished hues.

What are you seeing from the runways, magazines and streets that have you feeling full of fall inspiration?