The DC Moms? Oh no!  Not another mommy blog!

Nope.  It’s not.

You can call us mommy bloggers, though I won’t be held responsible for the response you might receive.

When you lump us all together as a homogeneous group with no thoughts that differentiate us, you do so at your peril–and frankly at your loss.

We all have children, we all blog and we all live in the DC metro area. That is where our similarities end.

We go by many names  Mom, Mommy, MAAAAA!, Mama, Mami.  We come from different backgrounds, we have varying interests and yes since this is DC we don’t all belong to the same political party.

Get to know the wide variety of women who live in DC.  You will find writers you love, some with whom you disagree, new ideas, a laugh, a cry and maybe yourself.

The site as it stands is only a start.  It will evolve over time.  You will notice changes as we move to a magazine format.  We have hopes to create a community forum in the future.  Our plans are to cover all aspects of life in the DC area: culture, family, home, sports, health, travel, fashion and more.  The motherhood experience in DC is as varied as the diplomatic plates you see around town, and we want The DC Moms to reflect who we are.

The women writing here are incredible.  I’ve known many for years and some not long at all.  I can’t wait for you to get to know them as time goes on.  They are my go-to source for everything.  I count on them as a collective brain and I hope you will to.

We’re glad you stopped by.  Add us to your reader.  Continue to come back.  There is so much more to see.