Starting the school year with a split personality

Posted August 21st, 2012 by christine in Child, Parenting

If you are not Irish, you might not be familiar with Brian Friel’s play, Philadelphia, Here I Come. If you are Irish, you might be all too familiar with it, having studied it in depth for your Leaving Cert exam. I didn’t study it, but I saw a production twenty […]

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Summer Rhythm, Had Me a Blast!

Posted August 2nd, 2012 by Ellen in Child, Parenting, Preschoolers

Ahh, the tunes of Grease. Establishing a Summer Rhythm for your family may not be as fun as the Summer Lovin’ that Sandy and Danny were having, but it’s definitely essential for a fun summer. I had wanted our summer to have this lazy, leisurely pace in the mornings, but […]

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Local Sales Tax Holidays

Posted August 1st, 2012 by delorap in Parenting

With DC-area students gearing up to head back to school over the next few weeks, parents have an opportunity to capitalize on sales tax holidays taking place in Virginia and Maryland starting this weekend. DC is not offering a tax holiday in 2012.   Virginia will be having a Sales […]

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Reflections on the Aurora Shootings

Posted August 1st, 2012 by Sue Wagner in Parenting, Teens & Tweens, Uncategorized

Like most of the country, I’ve been heartbroken over the shootings in Aurora, Colorado. I’ve followed every news story for the past week and a half trying to make sense out of something so senseless. I see the ramifications of the shootings ripple through our lives. I saw a string […]

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Posted July 23rd, 2012 by christine in Child, Parenting

My husband and I took our two small children to the Outer Banks last week for some relaxation and renewal. (Of course, that entire sentence is a contradiction in terms, but nevermind.) The condo we rented had no Internet connection, but I decided that was a reasonable exchange for proximity […]

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Principles, compromised

Posted June 26th, 2012 by christine in Parenting, Preschoolers

My daughter is three and a half, and sometimes she qualifies as a hellion. Other times, she’s a delight. She’s precocious, highly verbal, and damn cute. One of her favourite pastimes is to charm unsuspecting adults with her winsome ways. She can be polite, thoughtful, gentle, and loving. When she […]

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Go, armed, to ‘God of Carnage’

Posted June 21st, 2012 by Jessica Haney in Entertainment, Living, Parenting, Theater

How’s this for a first date night in two years: a play that shows parents – and spouses – for the crazy souls we all really are inside. My husband and I didn’t know a whole lot about Yasmina Reza’s Tony Award-winning play God of Carnage, except that it was […]

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First Time Camper(s) or Owning Your Own Issues

Posted June 20th, 2012 by Ellen in Child, Parenting

My girls are starting a new day camp tomorrow, and I am a mess! I hate starting new things — the worry over what it will be like or whether it will be organized or what one should bring drives me crazy.  This is one of those camps that has […]

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Homework – how was it for you?

Posted June 12th, 2012 by christine in Child, Parenting

Homework. People seem to have strong feelings about it. Now that the year is over and we can discuss it calmly, let’s have a little retrospective. I have to admit that homework has been a thing this year. A thing to fight about, to whine about, to resist, to resent. […]

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Pomp and Circumstance

Posted May 23rd, 2012 by Sue Wagner in Parenting, Teens & Tweens, Uncategorized

In just a few days, my family will celebrate the first of hopefully many graduations. My oldest is graduating from 8th grade. My kids attend a K-8 school, so on one hand, it’s been a long nine years. On the other hand, wasn’t it just yesterday that I dropped off […]

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