Not Even Wrong

Posted November 15th, 2011 by Jean, a.k.a. Stimey in Child, Parenting

I am always apprehensive about parent-teacher conferences. Nothing bad ever happens. Sam has never gotten anything but glowing reviews. Quinn is Quinn, which is wonderful and charming. And Jack? Well, I always hear that he is very smart, that he is “making sufficient progress to meet goal(s).” In fact, I […]

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What a Difference Two Months Can Make

Posted October 25th, 2011 by Dawn Mooney in Child, Parenting

Two months ago, I was grappling with a new image of my middle child as a kindergartner. You know the old cliche of the mom standing on the side of the road, tears in her eyes, as her not-a-baby-anymore child boards the school bus? Well, our first day didn’t look […]

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Halloween habits: Must treats be sweet?

Posted October 18th, 2011 by Jessica Haney in Child, Health, Parenting

What is Halloween without the candy? Plenty of fun! Granted, it was easier to keep my son in the dark about the relationship between Halloween and candy when he was two and a half. Now that he’s in kindergarten, he knows the score. But that first major year of celebrating—candy-free—in […]

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Community Building, Social Media, and Children

Posted October 11th, 2011 by Robin in Child, Parenting, Tech

Early elementary social studies curriculum includes learning what a community is. Children learn about community helpers; the meaning of school community and neighborhoods; town, farms, cities, states, countries. They learn how to participate in groups. They learn about laws of society. They learn about themselves, family, and community. They learn […]

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When the “Mommy Wars” Hit Home

Posted September 28th, 2011 by Dawn Mooney in Child, Parenting

Though it seems like a bazillion years ago, it was just back in 2000 when I first became a mom. Throughout my entire pregnancy, I immersed myself in the slew of new baby/mommy websites that were popping up all over the web, and I subscribed to enough parenting magazines that […]

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Comfort for my persistence?

Posted September 27th, 2011 by Suzie Phipps in Child, Parenting

A few weeks ago I was accused of pursuing something in order to give myself “comfort for my persistence.” Our school is trying to create a safer environment for the 900+ kids that walk to our elementary school every day. In the face of crazy drivers, some who speed, some who […]

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