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Vision Therapy – the final chapter

by christine April 8, 2014 Child

Last June my seven-year-old son, just done with first grade, started vision therapy. You can read more here about what led us to take this route, and what my hopes for him were at the time. We had Dash’s final assessment at the eye doctor yesterday. She was really happy with his progress, which has […]

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Running with kids

Taking My Kids Running

by Elaine April 1, 2014 Fitness

Last Fall, I decided to take up running. In part, it keeps me busy during soccer and baseball practice, as well as drop-off birthday parties. I get to exercise while the little people have fun, leaving me with little guilt about taking time out for myself. But some days, none of these built in excuses to […]

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My Child is Getting Left Behind – at School

by Elaine March 27, 2014 Child

Are you worried about No Child Left Behind? The genesis of the movement seemed to be that all children should receive an adequate education, because all children are able to learn. And I do agree with that. Everyone deserves not just an adequate education – but a good one. But what about gifted students? Are […]

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Health Conference Organizer Shares Insights on Parenting and Healing

Thumbnail image for Health Conference Organizer Shares Insights on Parenting and Healing by Jessica Haney February 25, 2014 Fitness

For Everyday Health & Wellness Conference organizer Pam Snyder, everything changed when she temporarily lost her sight in 1999. Her children were 2 ½ and 5 at the time, and she had to rely on the kindness of neighbors to get her family through a three-week ordeal that included daily steroid IV therapy lasting three […]

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doctor visit

Parenting Firsts: Getting Kicked Out of the Doctor’s Office

by Sandie February 25, 2014 Parenting

Yesterday I experienced a new milestone as a mother: the first time I was kicked out of the exam room, so the pediatrician could perform my 12-year-old son’s physical. I was there when the nurse weighed and measured him, stayed for the pre-exam evaluation/talk, but when it came time for the pediatrician to take a […]

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Not Afraid of the Weather: Outdoor-Happy Preschools

by Jessica Haney February 21, 2014 Green

 What gets kids outside at school on super cold days? Where I live, if it’s under 34 degrees and you’re in a public school, your walk into the building is about the extent of it. Even rain or muddy playgrounds are reason to stay inside at lots of schools and preschools. What’s a nature-loving parent […]

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Parenting Teens is a Lonely Business

by Sue Wagner February 18, 2014 Parenting

I found parenting to be a lonely vocation when my kids were toddlers and I was bound to the house by nap schedules and sheer overwhelming logistics. My world often shrunk to the size of my neighborhood block, where I walked up and down the sidewalk, pushing strollers, trikes, holding hands, drawing chalk lines. As […]

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Girl Scouts

The Laid-back Troop Leader

by Sandie February 7, 2014 Child

I am my daughter’s Brownie Troop Leader, but I am actually pretty laid-back about it after a year-and-a-half (except when I have to collect Girl Scout Council-mandated forms, in which case I am a stressful mess until every girl has submitted the necessary bureaucratic documents). We sing songs (“Make New Friends,” “Princess Pat,” “Brownie Smile,” […]

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Classroom Valentines

by Sue Wagner February 4, 2014 Parenting

I am not a crafty mom. I don’t sew, knit, or enjoy operating a hot glue gun. I’m never the one with the handmade anything. Except Valentines. I’m not sure why, but every year, I pack an entire year’s worth of creative bliss into one excruciating all-nighter on February 13th. The internet was the obvious […]

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My 12 year old son

Entering the Great Unknown: My Son is 12 Today

by Sandie February 3, 2014 Parenting

Today my son is 12, and my husband and I brace ourselves for the adventure of parenting him in his transitional year from tween to teen. We’re very lucky. He’s a straight-A student with great friends and even greater sense of humor. He’s beloved by his younger siblings (well, in fairness, his sister could go […]

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