Day Trip Destination: Baltimore

Posted September 12th, 2011 by Sandie in Day Trip Destination, Living, Travel

Day Trip Destination: Baltimore, Maryland — home of the Orioles, Ravens, John Waters, Johns Hopkins, “Homicide,” Barry Levinson, and one of the greatest television shows in the history of primetime, “The Wire” Driving Distance: 35 miles from my exit on the Beltway, about 40 minutes without much traffic, or one […]

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September 11, 2001. I will never forget.

Posted September 11th, 2011 by Michelle in Living

Tuesday, September 11, 2001.  School had started the previous Tuesday, the day after Labor Day, the traditional first day of school in the district where I was an eighth grade science teacher. This was my first school year as a Mrs.  I’d gotten married at the beginning of summer and […]

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My Favorite Place in DC: Library of Congress

Posted September 9th, 2011 by amy mascott in Living, My Favorite Place in DC

My favorite place Washington, DC? Easy: The Library of Congress. I love the peace and quiet of the halls, the archways, the marble, the history. I love to browse the shelves of books and meander through the collections. It’s a library and museum all in one, and every family should […]

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Mind the Gap

Posted August 22nd, 2011 by Robin (noteverstill) in Child, DIY, Living, Parenting, Preschoolers

We had a problem in our house, and you may have it, too. Tell me if this sounds familiar: Girl gets big, graduates from crib to bed. Girl brings seventy-kazallion small essential toys and dolls with her from crib to bed. Bed, unlike crib, has no bumper. Toys fall into […]

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Weekend Getaway to Sesame Place

Posted August 8th, 2011 by thien-kim in Living

Now that our youngest is adept at toddling and running, we felt ready for our first family vacation. We’ve previously flown to visit both sets of grandparents, but this would be our first vacation with just the four of us. Due to my husband’s work obligations and our budget, we […]

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Not Quite Ready for Hoarders

Posted May 18th, 2011 by thien-kim in Living

I love books. I remember many nights when, as a child, I read books by a dim flashlight. Just one more chapter and then I’ll go to sleep. Which of course is just as easy as eating one potato chip.  My love for books and their imaginary friends and landscapes […]

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Posted August 2nd, 2010 by Amie Adams in Entertainment, Food, Green, Health, Living, Parenting, Politics, Tech

The DC Moms? Oh no!  Not another mommy blog! Nope.  It’s not. You can call us mommy bloggers, though I won’t be held responsible for the response you might receive. When you lump us all together as a homogeneous group with no thoughts that differentiate us, you do so at […]

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