Lunch In the Park Review & Giveaway

Posted June 18th, 2013 by jodifur in Books, Entertainment, Giveaways

Disclosure: I was given a review copy of the book Lunch in the Park.  I was not compensated for this post.  The author is also a writer for The DC Moms.  All opinions are my own.  Link is an affiliate link.

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I am an avid reader.  I read about a book a week, and really enjoy all genres of literature. But sometimes, what you need is a really fun book to curl up on the couch with on a rainy day. And “Lunch in the Park” is the perfect book for that. I read it over a recent rainy weekend when I had nothing to do, and my son and husband were preoccupied building some million-piece Lego set.

“Lunch in the Park” is about a woman who is raising her young niece, and the man she recently started dating. You think it is going to be a very straightforward, light read, and it is that, but it is also more. It raises questions about family and choices, and the sacrifices you make for your family. It also hearkens back to that time in life when you had your whole life in front of you, and had really difficult choices to make. It is about love and family and the intersection of the two.

The book is very well written and is also a fun, quick, read. It would be a perfect beach, vacation, or day at the park read.  I highly recommend it.

Giveaway time! We’re giving away one copy of “Lunch in the Park.” If you would like to add the book to your to-be-read list, leave us a comment telling us why you could use a good book to read this summer.

The author’s blog page about the book is here. The book is available at most e-book retailers, but the major ones are Smashwords, Amazon and

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4 Responses to “Lunch In the Park Review & Giveaway”

  1. Elaine

    Always looking for a beach read – and with about 20 hours of plane flights in the next three months, I’m sure I’ll get to read at least a little!

  2. Heather S

    I could use one since I just finished and don’t have a new one to start yet :)

  3. Lisa

    I could definitely use a good book. I have 3 young boys and need some “me time” a book would be perfect and also show them it’s fun to read at quiet time!