Random Acts of Kindness and My Loaner Chevy Cruze

Posted November 26th, 2012 by Elaine in Travel

This past week, my family took to the road, along with so many other families. I was super lucky because I got to do it in a new Chevy Cruze – a car considerably better than the one I normally drive! I was also able to participate in the The DC Moms + GM Random Acts of Kindness Campaign along the way – which turned into a great reminder that small things can have meaningful impacts.

I’m not a fancy-car driver, so I can’t compare the Cruze to the latest and greatest – but I can say that the car gets fantastic gas mileage (even in tough, Sunday-after-Thanksgiving traffic in the Northeast corridor!), is comfortable, and has more room than might be apparent from its compact size.

I filled the gas tank of my Chevy Cruze up in Albany and had over an eighth of a tank when I hit DC on Sunday afternoon. What a gift to only need to stop for the bathroom, and not be slowed by the long lines at the rest stop pumps. The car keeps track of gas mileage, and our combined – city / highway mileage was pushing up next to 40 mpg (definitely in sight of the advertised 42 mpg). My husband and I loved that!

The trunk can easily fit a large suitcase, a small suitcase, thick coats for four people, and four other canvas shopping bags that held random stuff. We never felt like we had to contain our packing – we just kept piling things in! The backseat accommodated my children’s two large booster seats, pillows, blankets, and two bags of books and games. At one point, my children got restless, and I sat between them for about an hour. Our hermit crabs found a warm spot (in their carrying case!) on the floor. My husband and I had plenty of room in the front seat, and neither of us is cursing the car with a sore back today. There are a few blind spots in the car (like all cars) but the outside mirrors actually have a little icon that lights up when someone drives into your blind spot. This was a nice touch.

I was also able to participate in our joint Random Acts of Kindness campaign. On the way to Albany, we stopped at a rest stop in Maryland for dinner, and I surprised three families (including 5 children) with small travel gifts. The children literally went from looking like bedraggled travelers, to excited happy-to-be-on-the-road children. Their parents all thanked me profusely. The same was true on our trip back. On behalf of GM, I also gifted a cup of coffee to a woman behind me in line and she thought it was a hoot. It’s a good reminder that small things can really spread a lot of cheer.

Thank you, GM. I had a ball participating in this campaign. My sister-in-law may be calling you about a Cruze very soon. She fell in love.

Honestly Clause:  The GM Northeast Team loaned me the Chevy Cruze (with a full tank of gas) to drive for the week and paid for the toys I gave out. I was not compensated in any other manner, and the opinions about the car are completely my own.

When Elaine is not cruising around in her beautiful Chevy Cruze, she’s holding down the house at Connor and Helen Grow Up!



6 Responses to “Random Acts of Kindness and My Loaner Chevy Cruze”

    • Elaine

      We were, too! We are overpackers, at heart, and we were definitely comfortable. I should’ve mentioned it in the post, but the trunk is easy to get into. My Nissan has a similar sized trunk, but it’s at such an angle that it’s really difficult to use.

  1. Sue Wagner

    Love the addition of the random acts! I always loved to pay tolls for the people behind me – but with the EZ pass, I can’t do it anymore!

  2. Jessica @ Crunchy-Chewy Mama

    Sounds so fun! Thanks for sharing! It’s funny how just a little different of a ride can change your perspective. I was rear-ended a few months back and have a rental now. I feel so tall in this Nissan Rogue.