My New Hair Secret

Posted November 14th, 2012 by jodifur in Beauty, Fashion

For years I always thought my hair was frizzy.  I had tried every anti frizz product on the market.  From expensive to cheap.  And while I think the best anti frizz serum really is the old drugstore standby, John Frieda Frizz-Ease Original Serum, I have a secret for you.  If you a constantly fighting frizzy hair, upgrade your hair dryer.

My hair dresser was the one who first started on me about a new hairdryer.  “Cheap hairdryers basically fry your hair.  The reason your hair is always frizzy is because you are electrocuting it.  Throw out your $20 hairdryer and get a good hair dryer.”

For a year I told her I was not buying a $100 hairdryer.  And for a year I complained about the fact that every time she blew dry my hair it was sleek and smooth and every time I blew dry my hair it was not.

And then I finally listened to her and bought her recommendation,  the Pibbs Twinturbo 2800 1700 watt Coldmatic Hair Dryer.  Seriously, without a doubt the best $90 I have ever, ever spent on my hair.  I was spending a ton of money getting my hair cut and colored every 10 weeks and hating my hair anyway.

I have fine, wavy hair and it frizzes if it is the slightest bit rainy or humid.  And I live in DC.  It is humid or rainy 10 months a year.  You would think we were in Seattle or something.  This hairdryer saves me from a wealth of bad hair days.

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*Disclosure: I purchased this hairdryer with my own money.  The above links are affiliate links.  Image courtesy of Amazon.




5 Responses to “My New Hair Secret”

  1. Roberta

    It DOES make a huge difference. I borrowed a friend’s high-end salon-quality hair dryer on a trip recently, and the difference was unbelievable. As she pointed out, you wear your hair every day – it’s worth spending money on.

  2. Heidi

    I’ve had good luck with my Conair Ion something-or-other dryer, and I think it ran $30 or $40 (even better, I had a CVSExtra rewards discount from spending way too much money on makeup there 😉 So $90 for a higher-end model is a pretty good deal.

    More than the dryer, though, the magic ingredient for me has turned out to be the brush I use. I upgraded from a cheapo plastic round brush to a $17 one that’s branded Nexxus but I think is made by Conair. It has a combination of boar bristles and some kind of ceramic bristles/body. I hesitated to spend that much on a brush, but lemme tell you, it’s like magic. I won’t claim I can give myself a blowout like my stylist’s, but I feel like it’s darn close!