Would You Carry a Fur Purse?

Posted October 3rd, 2011 by Victoria Mason in Fashion

We all know fashion can get a bit weird and avant garde.  Those also make for some pretty iconic pieces like the Dior dress from the 1950s, the Balenciaga bubble coat and that never going to go away cone bra from by Gualtier.  This season one of the “hot” fall trends is a fur purse.  I’m talking shaggy, long-haired fur.  Fur that looks like you might have used the tiny dog, all the rage years ago, finally lost its appeal and you made it into a purse.  Some look luxuriously soft while others just plain frighteningly furry. I’m talking snow beast furry.

My question is this- Would you carry a fur purse?

If not, why?  Is it an ethical issue or simply because you think a fur handbag is gauche and ugly?  Perhaps it is my reason, which is that it is a purse. A purse that looks like the Abominable Snowman gave his life to make me a bag.  Because in my own Veruca Salt way I wanted it because I could have it.  That just seems downright excessive and yes, a bit gross, in such hard economic times.




4 Responses to “Would You Carry a Fur Purse?”

  1. Jessica @ Crunchy-Chewy Mama

    Uh, no. My baby daughter would just chew on it all the time until it got matted! But seriously, what kind of animal are we talking about here? I know a cow died for leather, but it probably also died for other purposes, and leather doesn’t usually look, well, like an animal. But I’m the one who sports a beat up backpack as my fashion accessory most of the time, so what do I know?!

  2. Stephanie

    It depends on the purse. Maybe a small clutch. Since it’s difficult to wear nice shoes in some of the places I live and travel, I’ve moved on to collecting fabulous purses.

  3. Kimberly Stevens

    I eat meat, I wear leather, I have a mink coat and would ABSOLUTELEY wear this purse, In fact, wear can I buy it? I think the problem with people today is everyone’s is too much in every one else’s business. I pay my taxes and I believe in the freedom of expression. AS well as my right to carry. So you better think twice before you approach me to lecture me about ANYTHING!!!! I am also American Indian, my people used every ounce of the buffalo before the paleface thief ripped us off before killing us off. So, you non working soccer Mom’s who are looking for a platform, step off and use the wood to make a fire and sing kumbyya, cause no one wants to hear it….ESPECIALLY NOT ME. P.s can you share the link of wear I can buy this fabulous purse!!! Kimberly Stevens St Louis MO.

  4. Vicky

    This “non working Soccer Mom” can absolutely share that fur purse with you. There really isn’t a link anymore as it is the Fur Libertine Bag ($7000) from Dior’s Fall 2010 collection.

    This year the style for fur bags is trimmed down. Check out designers like Kenzo, Aigner, Emilio Pucci, Blugirl, and Dennis Basso for ideas. The blog, “Spotted Fashion” has some great bags and looks from Celine too.

    Your comment made me laugh out loud. Was it the line about the bag being excessive or in bad taste that made you think the writer is against fur? I have to know how, as the writer, how the post was interpreted. As a gun owner, Veruca Salt quoting, fur lover myself I personally just thought it was a nice way to get a rise out of someone, gain traffic to the site I write for and still get my weekly fashion piece in on time. This working mother of three, none of whom play soccer can now say, “Yeah! It worked.”