My Favorite Place in DC: Library of Congress

Posted September 9th, 2011 by amy mascott in Living, My Favorite Place in DC

My favorite place Washington, DC?

Easy: The Library of Congress.

I love the peace and quiet of the halls, the archways, the marble, the history. I love to browse the shelves of books and meander through the collections.

It’s a library and museum all in one, and every family should make a point to visit.  Children will stare wide-eyed at the regal columns, vast staircases, paintings, and the thousands of books.  Adults will do the same but understand the and appreciate shadows of the powerful people who have visited before them.

Last year, The Library of Congress hosted the National Book Festival Gala on the Friday before the National Book Festival. This year, The National Book Festival is a two-day event that takes place at the end of this month, September 24 and 25.

I had the opportunity to attend the Gala last year, and it was then that I fell in love with the building.  And I’ve returned several times since then.

These photos are my own, taken at the 2010 National Book Festival Gala.



3 Responses to “My Favorite Place in DC: Library of Congress”

  1. Nishelle Wingfield Miles

    I wish I saw this before today … I was the Event Designer/Manager last year as well as, this year and glad to hear it. Did you by any chance manage to attend this year’s Gala?

    • amy mascott

      Nishelle. OH. MY. GOSH. Yes, I attended this year’s gala, and I thought the design was incredible. I loved the color choices–so cool–and the huge hanging decorations were amazing. Flowers? Took my breath away. We were talking about the flowers above the food stations for a long, long time. You did an absolutely incredible job. Seriously. You’re a superstar designer. Thanks for writing. My post about this year’s event is going live tonight. (amy m: